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Proheat Air
Ultra-Quiet Air Heater with Advanced Driver Control Panel


Proheat Air is the new standard for heavy-duty truck air heaters, quietly delivering constant and reliable heat in cold weather environments. Available in 2 and 4 kW models, its high-efficiency design reduces overall vehicle emissions and engine wear by eliminating the need to idle the engine to heat the sleeper cab. Proheat Air saves fuel costs for fleets and operators while helping drivers comply with local idling restrictions. A digital remote panel provides comprehensive and precise control of Proheat Air from anywhere inside the truck cab.


X45 Truck Kit


Precision Heater Control

The Proheat Air truck kit includes a digital Driver Control Panel (DCP) that makes set-up and operation of the heater quick and easy. The DCP features a large, backlit LCD screen that displays at-a-glance heater status, temperature, time, and power level.

A surface-mount design means it can be installed inside the cab wherever it’s most convenient. An intuitive five button design ensures drivers can easily program and control the heater to suit their needs.

X45 Truck Application


1 Driver Control Panel (DCP)
2 Ducting
3 Heater
4 Exhaust
5 Electric Fuel Pump
6 Fuel Pick-Up
7 Combustion Air Intake
8 Electrical Connection
9 Heated Air
10 Air Intake

Cut Operating Costs & Emissions


By installing Proheat Air, fleets and operators can save thousands of dollars each year by eliminating the need to idle the vehicle’s engine as a source of heat for driver comfort. Engine idling puts unnecessary hours on the engine, increasing engine wear and overall vehicle emissions. Prohibiting idling is also quickly becoming the focus of local and federal law makers, as well as a target for local law enforcement.

Proheat Air uses a fraction of the fuel a truck engine uses to idle while still generating a quiet, constant flow of heat that drivers can adjust as desired.
How many hours do your trucks idle for cab comfort heating in a typical year? Since Proheat Air burns 95% less fuel than a truck engine, trucks that idle unnecessarily for hundreds of hours will pay for a Proheat Air in a single winter season.

The table below provides sample calculations for fuel and cost savings realized by installing Proheat Air.


Truck Engine 1.0 gallons 3.8 litres
Fuel Used per Hour Using Proheat Air (A2) 0.03 gallons 0.1 litres
Fuel Savings per Hour Using Proheat Air (A 0.97 gallons 3.7 litres
Heat Required per Year 20 weeks
Heat Required per Week 5 days
Time per Rest Period 8 hours
Total Time per Year Requiring Heat
(Line 4 x Line 5 x Line 6)
800 hours
Yearly Total of Fuel Saved Using Proheat
Air (A2) (Line 3 x Line 7)
776 gallons 2960 litres
Price of Fuel $2.80 $0.735
10  Yearly Total Fuel Costs Saved Using
Proheat Air (A2) (Line 8 x Line 9)




Heater Features
  • 2kW (A2) and 4kW (A4) models available
  • Built-in temperature sensor for safety and control
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Optional diagnostic software kit available
Digital Control Panel Features
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Easy set-up and control
  • At-a-glance display of heater status
    (Temperature, time, and power)
  • Stores multiple timer events
  • Surface mount design
Two Year Warranty
Proheat Air is backed by a two year parts and labor warranty and is supported by a network of Authorized Proheat Dealers across the United States and Canada. For specific terms, you can access our warranty through this link.



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